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Call a function from string variable in PERL, PHP and C#

PERL my $function_name = “hello”;&$function_name(10);function hello() { my $param = shift; print “hello $paramn”;} PHP $function_name = “hello”;$function_name();function hello($param) { echo “hello $paramn”;} C# class Program{ static void Main(string[] args) { Type type = typeof(MyReflectionClass); MethodInfo method = type.GetMethod(“Hello”); MyReflectionClass c = new MyReflectionClass(); method.Invoke(c, null); }}public class MyReflectionClass{ public void Hello(int num) { Console.WriteLine(“hello […]

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Develop a Windows Service in C#

Have you ever wanted to utilise the Windows service to run background tasks on your Windows server? Use the following starter guides to help you kick start your Windows Service projects. For Visual Studio 2005. A guide posted by The Reddest to creating a simple Windows Service in C# will help get you started. For […]

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