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Get people picker value using Javascript

Usage: The following javascript will return the current name value of a specific people picker on a SharePoint form pageParameter: People picker number, which is the order of the people picker on the page.Returns: Name of the person or group, not the internal domain name. function getPickerInputElement(pickerNo) { var result = “”; var j = […]

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Query SQL server from command line

Ever need to query SQL database from command line to export the result to a CSV file? I have used “sqlcmd” to do the job. The following is an example for that: sqlcmd -S [server name] -d [database name] -i [SQL file name] -o [CSV file name] -s”,” -w 300 The command explains There are […]

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SharePoint custom list form catchya’s

Some catchya’s I have encountered while developing custom list forms using SharePoint Designer: Javascript does not work SharePoint designer added {generate-id()} automatically. Remove them all. Assigning value to hidden drop down list does not work, check the values that you are assigning is a valid value to the drop down. Otherwise, the assignment will become […]

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