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How to create numbered headings

Ever feeling frustrated getting the heading numbering right in Word? Well, I have a lot of such feelings. Many times when making Heading 1 numbered correctly, heading 2 and 3 are not inheriting the changes. Other times, the number simply would not follow on from one heading of the same level to the next. Ideally, […]

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Generate Data Dictionary from MS SQL Server

Ever being asked to produce documentation to your database? If you are like me, the latest version of such documentation may be 10 years old. A solution? Here is an exellent script to help you get started with data dictionary. USE [Database_Name]– =============================================– Author:JOHIR– Create date: 01/12/2012 — Modified by: Logic Flow: added column size […]

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SharePoint grouping by week

OverviewIn SharePoint 2007, to achieve grouping list items by week, a week start or week end date is required. Calculated columns can be used to work out the start day of the week and end day of the week. Week starting Monday =[Created]-WEEKDAY([Created],2)+1 Week starting Sunday =[Created]-WEEKDAY([Created])+1 Week ending Saturday =[Created]+7-WEEKDAY([Created]) Week ending Sunday =[Created]+7-WEEKDAY([Created],2) […]

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